Incubated Startups

Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) Europe supports incubation of promising startups. Here are the startups that are either currently enrolled or have just participated in the program.

Businesses from SSAP Europe

SSAP Europe has provided support from incubation, marketing to commercial launch of these businesses.


Advagym connects gym facilities using only a mobile app, beacons and sensors. With the wireless sensors, any machine can deliver advanced metrics to both the exerciser and the gym.


Nimway is a complete smart office solution for the modern workplace. Smart sensors track your meeting rooms, delivering instant vacancy detection when the last person leaves.


mSafety is a comprehensive platform for companies that provide mobile health & wellness services. It combines a user-friendly wearable device that displays data to the user, with a reliable back-end solution that provides real time updates to service providers.

SSAP Acceleration Program Participants – Autumn 2021


Helping physicians make better clinical decisions for their patients by making the most of their cardiovascular imaging data.

Cambrian Intelligence

Cambrian is an add-on to collaborative and industrial robots. The AI based solution gives the robot arm human level skills for various manufacturing tasks.

General Prognostics

Revolutionizing remote chronic disease management with the world’s first bloodless blood tests.

Autonomy Now

Autonomy Now develops autonomous systems enabling higher levels of safety in the automotive industry.

SERG Technologies

Revolutionizing the entire Parkinson’s disease care ecosystem by enabling the digital transition to remote monitoring and management solutions. is the game balancing platform. The collaborative platform to design, simulate and balance game systems.

Condense Reality

Powering the future of broadcast consumer experiences with live-streamed volumetric video.


The platform solution for mutual and insurers to bring parametric inclusive insurance to agri-entrepreneurs.


FOTENIX is an ability provider, enabling smart operation of agricultural machinery.

SSAP Acceleration Program Participants – Autumn 2020


Dynamic Glare control with an added communicative value. The technology can actively be utilized to create images within the glass.

Augmented Robotics

Uses augmented reality technology to connect the world of analogue toys with the world of digital games, creating a whole new market.


With biofeedback and practice, EMOTAI can train our brain to react differently in situations of high stress and be able to be focused and engaged when we most need to.


Smart bio-wearables for personalised diabetes management and sports health.


KIT-AR is a fully integrated industrial augmented reality system that increases manufacturing productivity.

Laava Tech

Solution to cut lighting energy consumption for indoor farming by up to 90% and increase yield by up to 20%.


A soil intelligence robotic system that tackles climate change’s effect on the food system by improving soil efficiency.

SSAP Acceleration Program Participants – Autumn 2019


Dronestream simplifies the process of sharing a live feed from a drone. Built for commercial, government and hobbyist pilots.


Creditive builds digital tools that simplify access to corporate credits. We offer financing solutions directly to small business owners, bookkeeping and auditing companies, lenders, dealers and suppliers.

World for Story

World for Story places life-sized and animated 3D characters – visible via augmented reality or social media platforms – at a location of your choosing available anytime: to tell stories about your attractions, events, or products.

Atlant 3D Nanosystems

Atlant 3D Nanosystems provides a solution that rapidly accelerates prototyping for micro- or nanodevices and systems – at a fraction of the current cost and time, and with previously impossible geometries.

World AirPlay Radio Monitor

WARM helps you discover AirPlay on radio stations – worldwide and in real-time.

Lumeo Technology

LumeoLock can literally lock items to the fabric of your clothes, bags and much more. It is a groundbreaking innovation that will make your daily life even better.


Sonisto is a free program for Mac or Windows that will make it easier to buy and handle your audio plugins.


Olympus Sky develops Zeus Security Suite: an IoT network security suite – powered by a granular, high frequency security credential refresh technology.

IDUN Technologies

IDUN Technologies is a leading producer of customized soft and dry electrodes – the DRYODES™: used around the world for wearable technology and research.


STORViX shapes a next-generation biologically inspired computer data storage system.

Sony Startup Acceleration Program in Japan

The initiative for the Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) was taken at Sony’s headquarters in Japan in 2014. The intention was to encourage employees to commercialize technology from internal Sony projects, and have them shape new business out of it. Many internal projects have since then been converted into viable startups within SSAP Japan (in Japanese).