Dronestream was fortunate to take part in the autumn 2019 SSAP Europe for Early-Stage Startups in Lund, Sweden and we were taken back by the level of support, passion and commitment we received from the Sony team to put us on a trajectory to success. The time we spent at Sony polished our approach to building a team, forming relationships with customers, negotiating and developing our business among many other attributes, have already shown dividends. As a startup accelerator it has done exactly that; Dronestream is poised to shake up the drone industry tenfold now SSAP Europe have refined our method of executing these goals.

We had a transforming experience at SSAP Europe for Early-Stage Startups. Leo Wu and I took part in the program in Autumn 2019, and we feel very fortunate to have worked with the talented SSAP Europe team. With a great mix of competencies and vast networks both internally and externally, they helped improve many aspects of our startup. By the end of the program, our customer leads list had grown from 5 leads to a whopping 57 leads with the vast majority through warm intros by Sony or our SSAP Europe coaches, either directly or indirectly. The warmth and gains from the SSAP Europe team’s unconditioned passion will inspire and stay with us long after the completion of the program.

We took part in the autumn 2019 batch of SSAP Europe for Early-Stage Startups and enjoyed the exposure to the Sony world. We had lots of fruitful discussions with different groups, such as Hardware Development, Quality, Legal and IP – and we were coached by experienced and external consultants, as well as Sony executives. It helped to understand how we need to work with a large corporate and lay the foundation for a future collaboration between IDUN and Sony. We also really appreciated the team development activities and have actively used our new-found knowledge in that area since the program ended.